The Inspiration for

In January of 2006 I was walking our dog through our very average 1960 vintage neighborhood of brick homes and noticed a flag stuck into a large flower pot along with some artificial flowers. I call it a Dead Flag because each stripe was now a separate ribbon for most of its length and the stars, with their faded blue background, were the only part still in one piece.

I had noticed this poor flag before but the winter winds of the previous week had done too much for me to bear. It was one of those small flags the real-estate brokers stick in front of everyone's house around the 4th of July and it had been there ever since.

I was reminded of the flag I saw a few weeks before above the entrance of a large home improvement store, part of a national chain. I was tempted to take a picture and send it to the local newspaper to shame them. But, like all people that are too busy with everyday life, I soon forgot. The site of this small, shredded flag reminded me of that day and I decided to do something about it.

While walking back home I decided to create this site and invite people to send in pictures of Dead Flags along with the flag's location.

The street name along with the city and state will be displayed with the picture. Names and exact addresses of people or business will not be displayed unless the business is so clueless as to have a Dead Flag right in front or over their business name