This is a Dead Flag. This should never Happen.

This site is not about conservative or liberal viewpoints or agendas. This is about respect for a symbol many people have believed in so strongly they were, and still are, willing to die for it and what it stands for.

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Do you have any Dead Flags in your neighborhood?
Send pictures to by email. We will publish what we can. Please try to keep the size of the picture file to under 100K bytes. (100,000 bytes). Include the full street address, city, state and zip if you want the friendly reminder postcard sent to your neighbor.

The street name (without number) along with the city and state will be displayed with the picture. Names and exact addresses of people or business will not be displayed unless a business is so clueless as to have a Dead Flag right in front or over their name.

For a $4.50 donation we will anonymously send your neighbor a postcard with a friendly reminder that they have a flag on their property that has been forgotten for too long. (See the text of the note below.) For $6.00 we will send a postcard with the picture you send us printed in color on the front of the postcard. This is a great way to take care of a heartbreaking eyesore without having to confront your neighbor.

Email pictures to:

Sample message on the postcard
Dear neighbor,
I noticed that you have an old flag at your (home/ business) that has seen better days. Over time flags can get worn and faded to the point that they no longer do Old Glory the justice it deserves. I was hoping you could replace it with a new flag or at least remove the old one. To properly dispose of old flags contact your local American Legion, VFW or Boy Scout / Girl Scout Troop. For more info visit

ps. You can view a picture of your flag at

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